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Ideology behind the name

Ganesh holistic wellness clinic


This clinic has the experience and tradition of three generations. Dr. Ganesh Krishna Damle is pioneer and very first of this tradition started his career as a family physician. Hence, to pay tribute/ gratitude towards his grandfather, Dr. Ritesh Damle started providing all their services with a name of Ganesh Holistic wellness clinic in recent years. This is why, name of clinic starts with "Ganesh".


This clinic daily deals with variety of patients with variety of symptoms. Here, doctor has a very unique method of diagnosing the disease in holistic manner. An integrated treatment approach along with Ayurveda helps patients to cure the disease completely. Let’s take a simple example of recurrent allergic rhinitis. Traditionally it is used to manage mainly with antihistamines and some other groups of drugs. But such symptomatic relief is not a complete cure to a disease. For complete cure, you have to think of patient’s immunity/ Dhatu Bala status, Prakriti, food that he consumes frequently etc. Recurrence can be stopped only if you find out underlying etiology. In short, one must treat body as a whole and not just a disorder related to upper respiratory tract. Hence "Holistic".


The state of being in good health is nothing but wellness. It is the one of the objectives of Ayurved science. Along with a proper cure of a disease, maintaining good health is really a skill. Stability of good health mainly depends on 1. Family inheritance/ tendencies 2. Environment/ Climate 3. Daily routine- (food intake, exercise etc.). Ganesh holistic wellness clinic will help you in maintaining good health- physically and mentally. Such type of treatment is individualized according to patient’s need and various other factors. This is "wellness".


Today is the era of specialty practices, such as ENT specialists, skin specialists, gastroenterologists. This itself gives limitation in treating patient holistically.

On the other hand, GHWC deals wide range of diseases starting from running nose, and common cold and also various types of arthritis, Cancer and autoimmune disease. Variety of patients with variety of diseases is the characteristic of this clinic. As said earlier, Ganesh holistic wellness clinic has a huge experience of three generations. Currently, achieving success under the guidance of Hon. Dr. Ritesh D. Damle. He always says that ‘Medicine is the necessity of disease, its neither can be a doctor’s choice nor a patient. A good Doctor-patient relationship is nothing but a cherry on the top of the cake. Success of such long lasting service in healthcare sector is nothing but a trust, a faith shown not just by patients but many of their families. Hence Ganesh holistic wellness clinic is the trusted name among the family medicine practices.

Meet Doctor

Dr. Ritesh Damle

He is M.D. Ayurved medicine and Ph.D. scholar of Ayurved. He is a remarkable practitioner in Pune district, Maharasthra, India. He deals with various types chronic and lingering diseases. He practices with an integrated approach using Allopath, Ayurved medicine and he has a very good hand in conducting any Panchakarma procedure. He is practicing since 2010. Since then, he has dedicated himself in popularising holistic health approach especially using Ayurveda. He is renowned teacher for number of students.

He is used to delivered lectures on various topics to guide Ayurved students. Many of students show interest to attend his OPD to get clinical experience as he deals with various types of cases right from cough, cold, rhinitis to cancer treatments.

  • Tradition of three generations in serving holistic health care especially Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Dr. Ganesh Krishna Damle is pioneer and very first of this tradition started his career as a family physician. He was very well known practitioner of his time. He worked especially in rural areas.(Begumpur,Taluka- Mohol, Dist. Solapur) He had a very broad spectrum of medicine practice and also served obstetrics- gynac practice in his carrer.
  • His 2 sons Dr. Dilip G. Damle and Dr. Hemant G. Damle are 2nd in this tradition continued their own medical practice at district place. After an unfortunate demise of Dr. Hemant Damle, Dr. Dilip continued his practice at Solapur and Pune district. Dr. Dilip along with his wife Dr. Veena D. Damle made a mark with their Ayurved practice. Both are very well known for treating challenging cases successfully.
  • Mean while son of Dr. Dilip and Dr. Veena i.e. Dr. Ritesh D. Damle is currently working and continuing legacy, the tradition of holistic approach. Since he is the third generation serving in family tradition. He always find himself lucky enough to be a part of the same. Hence, to pay tribute/ gratitude towards his grandfather and this flourishing he started providing all his services with a name of Ganesh Holistic wellness clinic in recent years. He is the driving force behind the clinic. He brings with him the experience of generations of Ayurvedic practice and is the chief physician at the facility.

Our Approach Towards any Treatment

Every medicinal system has its own pros & cons. Medicine is meant to treat a disease or a specific body condition. There are certain disease which need integration or a perfect blend of more than one medicinal system for better wellbeing. It cannot be an individual’s choice or interest.

Silent Features

  • Individualized treatment protocol & holistic approach towards diagnosis & treating a patient.
  • Integrated treatment approach mainly with the help of Ayurved, Panchakarma therapies, other allied therapies along with allopath treatment if necessary.
  • Chronic/ recurrent illnesses and pain management.
  • Online consultations with medicine dispatch facility.

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