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Anaemia Screening and Treatment Camp

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Ganesh Holistic wellness Clinic,129, Vijayashri towers, near global hospital, Dattawadi, Pune 28


26th Nov 2022


6PM to 9PM

Irony is ‘Not Knowing Your Iron Deficiency’

If you don’t get adequate amount of food then you will be deficient in certain nutrients. Iron deficiency is one of them. BUT, what if your food intake is sufficient but still you struggle with iron deficiency?

In most states, incidence of anaemia has increased. In Maharashtra, it rose drastically from 53.8% in NHFS-4 in 2015 to 68.9% in NFHS-5 (2019-2021). The condition is higher among rural Maharashtra's children (70.7%) as compared to urban (66.3%).

There are several forms of iron supplements in market. Despite taking supplement for several days, the iron deficiency remains a BIG CHALLANGE. In addition, one has to face the side effects e.g., constipation, Anorexia etc.

Anaemia can be corelated with Pandu Roga described in ancient Sanskrit texts of Ayurveda. There are several formulations/ Kalpas mentioned in Ayurveda texts for treating Pandu Roga effectively.

Ganesh Holistic wellness clinic is happy to announce its first Anaemia screening and treatment camp arranged on 26 November i.e. ‘World Iron deficiency anaemia awareness day’. We are conducting a study trial on one of such potent formulation of Ayurveda which will help you to get rid of Anaemia.

Tests Cost in other laboratories OUR CAMP COST
Haemogram, Serum Iron Level Rs. 800/- 400/-
If report indicate iron deficiency anemia
Pay 400/- and you will get 45 days medicine and blood report after the treatment to check improvement

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